We encourage you to take part in our project, which is the investment in holiday apartments on Al Marjan.

It is a picturesque complex of artificially created islands, extending deep into the sea of the Persian Gulf, which is the flagship of the Emirate. The combination of luxury and modernity with traditional Arabic culture gives a unique atmosphere that attracts more and more tourists, residents and investors wanting to enjoy the unique charms of the region. The island offers about 8 km of pristine white sandy beaches that you can use all year round. A convenient transport connection is provided by the nearby Ras Al Khaimah International Airport, as well as a network of multi-lane highways. All these advantages make Al Marjan the perfect place for an exclusive holiday resort.

We have got in our offer approx. 240 exclusive apartments in a modern building. Investing capital in the apartments will certainly prove to be the right decision and will allow you to achieve many financial benefits in the future.